About Our Mission: The MLK Drive!

The MLK Drive will achieve this goal through a carefully planned three part process of cleaning up the street, renovating the residential and commercial areas along Dr. Martin Luther King Drive and creating a destination center for culture and entertainment.

The work will be done utilizing skills from within the community to create opportunities for advancement for the residents through the renovation of the buildings, and new services being offered in the neighborhood.

The MLK Drive program by Beloved Streets of America will connect residents with a broad range of community services. We will focus on educational and economic programs that create jobs, reduce crime and encourage new businesses back to the neighborhood. We will also be providing mentorship programs and recreational activities for the youth, and the promotion of urban agriculture, nutritional education, green technology and sustainability.

You or your organization can help us by donating time, money, materials or services. We have modest fundraising goals for each project.

Show your support to do the right thing in memory of Dr. King!
Beloved Streets of America

Our mission is to bring back pride and prosperity to the streets named after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.