About Our Mission: The MLK Drive!

The non-profit organization Beloved Streets of America is implementing a comprehensive plan to reverse the urban decline and decay of the communities surrounding the streets named after Dr. King. This will be done through a series of repairs and improvements that are focused around providing renewed assets and amenities utilizing skills from within the community to create opportunities for advancement for the residents through the renovation of the built environment.

Beloved Streets of America will achieve its mission through a carefully planned process of revitalizing the commercial and residential areas along Dr. Martin Luther King Drive beginning in the city of St. Louis. There are so many places that once so proudly adopted his name that have been sorely neglected to become some of the most distressed neighborhoods in the country. St. Louis is a prime example and it is in a position to be a leader on this issue for the rest of the nation. This endeavor can set the standard and be a focal point in the nation by ultimately expanding our mission to the over 750 places in America that have a street named after Dr. Martin Luther King that is currently in a condition that dishonors the man and his memorable life, words and deeds.

You or your organization can help us by donating time, money, materials or services for the buildings, businesses and community assets that we are creating. We have modest fundraising goals for each aspect of our endeavors and for the ongoing community development projects. We have naming rights available for prominent placement to acknowledge your generosity.

Please show your support to help us to do the right thing in memory of Dr. King.
Beloved Streets of America

Our mission is to bring back pride and prosperity to the streets named after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.